Funny edible cards for dogs

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21 products

🎉 Unleash the Wag-tastic Wonders of Scoff Paper Edible Dog Greetings Cards! 🐾

Ahoy, fellow dog devotees and card connoisseurs! Are you ready to embark on a tail-spinning journey through the zaniest, munchable marvels the doggo world has ever witnessed? Introducing Scoff Paper – where belly laughs and belly rubs collide in a joyous explosion of flavour and fun!

Picture this: your furry friend's big day is approaching, be it a barkin' birthday, a gotcha anniversary, or just a day that ends in "Y." What better way to express your affection than with our hilarious concoctions? Our funny dog cards are like the comic strip your pup has always dreamt of starring in! From a daredevil dachshund attempting skydiving (don't worry, he's got a mini parachute) to a disco-loving pug shaking his fluffy tail like nobody's watching – we've got antics that'll make your pup roll over with laughter (and maybe even do that adorable butt wiggle).

But guess what? We're not stopping at the chuckles! Our edible cards for dogs are about to flip your pooch's world upside-down – or should we say, belly-up? 🐶🤸‍♀️ That's right, folks, these cards aren't just about reading; they're about savouring every woof-tastic moment. Imagine your furry sidekick feasting on a card that's more scrumptious than their favourite squirrel chase! It's like the universe decided to combine the yumminess of treats with the art of canine comedy – a true stroke of doggie genius.

Now, hold your leashes, because we've got a wild card up our sleeves. Ever thought your pupper could use a good laugh while on the mend? Behold, our funny get well cards for dogs! From a clumsy bulldog sporting a bandage (trust us, he insists it's a fashion statement) to a sneezing shih tzu chuckling at one of our anti-cat poems – these cards will have your pup laughing so hard, they might just forget they're under the weather. And when they're done giggling, they can nibble away their sniffles. It's a win-win, tail-wagging situation!

But let's not forget the pièce de résistance – our edible birthday cards for dogs! 🎂🐾 Can you imagine anything more joyfully bonkers? These cards celebrate your pup's special day with a gastronomic twist that'll leave them drooling for more. Blow out the candles? Nah, just let them devour the card! Who needs icing when you can have a card crafted from lip-smacking, tail-wagging goodness?

And last but not least, the gotcha day cards for dogs. Ah, the memories of that fateful day when your pup pounced into your life – leaving muddy paw prints on your heart forever. Our gotcha day cards capture the essence of that whirlwind romance, from the initial snuggle to the first game of fetch gone hilariously wrong. It's a tribute to the paw-some partnership that has you both wrapped around each other's little paws!

So there you have it, fellow pet enthusiasts and canine companions – the uproarious world of Scoff Paper edible dog greetings cards! With funny dog cards that'll tickle your pup's funny bone and edible cards that'll make their taste buds do a happy dance, we've redefined the meaning of "sending a card." Whether it's a birthday, a get well soon, or just a random "thinking of you," let Scoff Paper be your go-to source of tail-wagging, treat-munching, laughter-inducing extravaganza. Woofs and wags, friends! 🐕💌