I never imagined that we'd be making loads of scrummy doggy cards for all kinds of shops across the UK, but we are!

Scoff Paper cards are available in over 300 wonderful independent pet stores around the UK and in some very snazzy national retailers too! 

Our edible birthday cards have to be the best birthday gift ideas for dogs and our extensive range of seasonal cards means that we can work with every wholesaler to create the edible card package that best suits their store.

This means you could find a tasty Get Well Soon card from your local Vets or even a Gotcha Day edible card from a dog sanctuary  – wherever dogs go, our cards are never far away!

There's a lovely bunch of Scoffers out there and we're always looking for more edible card lovers to add to our community. 

So if you would like to stock Scoff Paper cards, just fill in the contact form by clicking the link below. 

Wholesale Contact Form

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Also - If you're on FAIRE, well so are we!  

So check that out below... There's some great offers for bulk orders of our tasty doggy cards.