Top Scoffers

"Bess had hers on Xmas day and loved it! She enjoys shredding paper so she shredded it then ate the bits!"

- Fi Campbell

"We are huge fans of Scoff cards! Pip loves to shred and eat them. They really make those special occasions extra special... and tasty!"

- @springingpip

"Loved the card, Stitch enjoyed ripping it up and eating it 😂 arrived very quickly and love the variety of different themes 🥰"


Axl loves nothing more than shredding paper so he loved his card and the fact it was cheese flavour (his absolute favourite!) made for one happy pup this Christmas!

- Kirsty Williams

Ernie knew the Valentine's card was for him when we opened the envelope and he could smell the flavor! He thoroughly enjoyed shredding and chewing his card, and it was very entertaining for us to watch too! Really love the idea!

- @itsernieandolive

“It definitely made Archie’s Christmas having something that he could not only tear up, but also enjoy! Can’t wait to put our order in for the next special occasion”

- @noseforadventure

"We were so excited to receive our valentines card from Scoff Paper for our dog Ronnie. I’ve never seen anything like them before. The products are so original and creative and it’s so brilliant to be able to give Ronnie a card of his very own... and it’s ok if he eats it! Such a fun way to celebrate a special occasion with your dog!"


"We received the personalised ‘happy gotcha day’ from a friend for the arrival of our new pup Pablo! Which I thought was a really nice and unique gift, not only for me but also for Pablo. I was really impressed with the design and also even the smell, it really did smell of bacon! I can’t wait to make my own purchases for my other fur friends for special occasions 😊 I would definitely recommend!"


My little pup loved her Valentine’s Day card she had so much fun getting to rip it up and play with it aswell as eating it which I’m guessing was delicious as she ate it all. As soon as I opened the post with the card in she was so interested in wanting to see what it was. The cards are so smart and well designed they make a perfect gift! I’ll definitely be placing an order again!


"Jasper tried and tested the peanut flavoured birthday card from Scoffpaper and absolutely loved it!! He knew exactly what it was before I even took it out of its envelope, so it definitely passed the tasty smell test!! 😍 The card itself is beautifully designed and a great size - plenty of room to write heart felt messages to your pooch using the edible pens ❤

Once Jasper was told it was OK to tear apart, he literally scoffed the whole thing as fast as he could! Watching him tear little pieces off and chew them up was very entertaining, and he obviously loved it! Would 100% recommend these tasty treats for any occasion! 😍"


I got cersei the personalised gotcha day card. Its super cute and comes in many flavours, i got cersei her favourite peanut butter flavour which was a real hit with her . These cards are super cute and such a awsome product. Cersei loved hers and literally ate it all so quickly and had lots of fun doing so ripping up post she could eat . Scoff paper even wrote a personal message i asked for in edible pen on the back of this card for me. Really loved this product and so did cersei. I would 100% recommend these to everyone. Definitely will be buying more soon. Also there customer service is second to none. The card arrived quickly and packed amazingly very happy with this product, such a lovely and unique gift for your dog .


What I love about Scoff Paper is that they are the first people to ever to create nutritional, rawhide-free, edible cards for dogs…with flavour! That’s 100% something to be proud of. There’s a card for every occasion…even the daft ones (we all love a bit of daft). We were even lucky enough to be gifted some for Podrick and Walter to try. Podrick loved his birthday card and gave it 10 out of 10 paws…we can’t wait to give Walter his when he turns 1.

Read all about Three Peas and a Pod write up on Scoff Paper cards here

- @threepeasandapodblog

Twiggy was really into these cards! After the first lick test, she certainly approved. It went down super fast 👍

- @whippetofthewest

They are such a clever gift for your dog, especially on occasions like Birthdays, Gotcha Days, Valentine’s... basically any holiday! And, judging by the rate at which Whiskey at his card, it tastes great too! 

- @whiskeysgoldenadventures

Most owners will know the celebratory battle of chasing the dog with wrapping paper or card envelope around a room, while they are trying to consume or rip said paper/envelope. This occurs every Birthday or Christmas or at-least this is true in our house! Chester will well and truly do his best to consume as much paper is humanly possible before one of use starts chasing him round the table in a bid to retrieve it.

We love scoff paper cards !! I always bought Buddy Christmas and birthday cards but now he can really enjoy them. He had one at Christmas and we’ve already got one saved up for his birthday 😁 love the fact there’s a choice of flavours, and so many different styles too !

- @feathers.n.fur

All three of my dogs have adored the Scoff cards!We’ve had Halloween, Christmas and Birthday cards now and have tried nearly all of the flavours.It’s so fun as an owner to give your pup a card, and the dogs have a great time ripping them up, licking them and nibbling them to their hearts content before eating them all up- more than just a fun treat it’s a really enriching activity for them.

Absolutely love the idea of Scoff cards! There are so many gorgeous designs and delicious flavours to choose from! I ordered a personalised card for Bradley's gotcha day. At first he wasn't sure what to do but once he gave it a little lick and got a taste of that peanut butter, there was no stopping him! After seeing how much he enjoyed it, I got him a Christmas card in a different flavour and once again, he LOVED it! I'll definitely be ordering another for his birthday 😊

- @the_life_of_bradley_the_collie


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