Scoff Paper is a product that is unequalled in the doggy treat universe. 

It is a creation that lets dog lovers everywhere send greetings to their four legged friends, without worrying that they’ll eat the card. 

We invented and created the world’s first edible cards for dogs, which are flavoured, contain no rawhide and are jolly good fun too!

We’ve developed some really tasty flavours to trigger your doggies drool reflex and we even use packaging that won’t harm the planet. 

Scoff Paper cards are available in loads of lovely places – both bricks and mortar shops and online boutiques. 

But how did Scoff Paper even become a thing?!

This was all concocted in the crazy brain of founder and self-professed doggy disciple, Gemma Connolly who set out forming a team of creators to help her invent a product that is not harmful to dogs in any way and can bring a great amount of joy to dog owners and the precious pooches themselves. 

Gemma, from Lancashire, was inspired to create Scoff Paper by her own overwhelming love for dogs and the joy they bring to her life. For close to ten years, Gemma has operated as a voluntary ambassador for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. She herself has raised, trained and cared for seventeen dogs, preparing them for life as a guide dog. 

Her professional career has seen her head up large projects in the advertising and marketing world over the past 20 years, however, in 2015, with the great stresses of a hugely demanding job, Gemma suffered a large heart-attack – a point which made her reassess her life. 

Fortunately, with the addition of a pacemaker, Gemma nursed herself back to health by enrolling in the Guide Dogs puppy-walking scheme – giving her love and a purpose away from the corporate world, which she was more happy to pursue.  

Reflecting on this difficult time, Gemma recalls, “The strains of a high pressured job took their toll on my life and at just 30 years old, I was having a heart attack. I knew something had to give.” 

“I took a step back from work, but what really helped me was my first guide dog, a Labrador-retriever named Ian” 

“The sheer love and warmth I found in Ian truly changed my life for the better. And to this day, I can honestly say that my dog saved my life. While I was caring for him, he really was caring for me too.”

Now, happy to call herself a full time dog spoiler, Gemma admits to always being on the look out for wonderful treats to give to her four-legged-friends – and for this Scoff Paper has been solely devised to be safe, fun and entertaining to both dogs and their mums and dads.  

“I think in these times, where people may not be able to go and visit their friends and family to spread joy for Christmas or Birthdays, I think Scoff Paper cards can bring a bit of fun into doggy’s and owners lives; and we need all the joy we can get right now.”