Sara Davies is in!

Sara Davies is in!

Well, there you have it!

I took my crazy idea onto Dragons’ Den, just like so many people have told me to do over the years, and after what was like two and a half hours of intense grilling… and me and Leo came out with a deal!

There aren’t any words that can explain how physically hard that whole process was.

But what I can say, is that I think the whole shebang from start to finish has taken me through absolutely every emotion I think I’ve got.

In general, I’m a bit of a nervous person, so you can imagine what I felt like going on national TV, but this really was like nothing I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

I’ve had some time since filming to try and get my head around it all, cos it is a bit of a blur.

I think there’s just such a HUGE feeling of risk that makes it so difficult. Both Matthew and I have really sweated over this little business. It’s taken everything from both of us over the years and we’ve done so well… But when it comes to going on a TV show to tell your story, all I kept thinking was that I would not come across in the way I wanted to and I’d just humiliate myself and my business in front of everyone I’ve ever met.

It’s such a leap of faith to go into something like that.

I think at first when I was signing up to the show, I never really thought about what it’d be like to actually be in front of the camera and then all of a sudden I was there, with the five dragons staring straight at me! 

Obviously, I’m mega chuffed about the outcome and I would definitely recommend going on the show to other entrepreneurs, but if I had to give some advice, I’d definitely say…. Think of everything.

Like look at your business from every possible angle and be as ruthless as you can be … Because you can be sure that those dragons will be. I’m sure I’ll write and talk about my whole Dragons Den experience a lot more of the next few weeks and months... I’ll probably be boring people with stories of it in 20 years, but one thing I do really want to say at this stage is that I think that Sara Davies is absolutely the right dragon for us at Scoff Paper.

We’ve made the trek over to the North East to see her and meet her team and they’re so nice and friendly and that is so so SO important to us.

Sara is a genuinely warm person and so driven and It’s fascinating speaking to her.

She’s genuinely got a good heart and a mighty business brain too which makes us all feel that she can really help us on our crazy edible dog card journey.


Thank you all so much for your continued support… Just look at what it’s done so far!

Big love, 

Gemma  x

gemma Connolly from scoff paper celebrating with Leo the guide dog in training
ps. Leo has gone on to his next stage of training to be a Guide Dog, but he joined me tonight for our Dragons' Den watch party and he's even more handsome now that he was then!

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