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Looking for a bargain? Here you will find some amazing edible treats for your dog at even more amazingly cut prices. 

As we're always changing our stock, we have a very high turnover of scrummy edible dog cards, so naturally we don't want any to go to waste, so here you might well bag a tasty bargain for your pooch.

If you don't find what you want here, take a look through the rest of the site and you might find your special card.

Stock in the clearance section changes throughout the year, so your seasonal cards can usually be found here when their season is over.

So if you're looking for a Christmas card for your dog in January, you'll probably, oddly, find one here.

And if you're loving enough to send your dog a Valentines card, but you don't mind leaving it till late, as in too late, then here might be the place for you. 

Alongside seasonal offerings, some of the edible cards here may well be coming up to their expiry date, however, please be aware, we don't sell any cards with less than three month shelf life. 

So, happy scoffing bargain hunters.