gemma scoff paper in aldi stores with christmas cards

Scoff Paper's Journey: From Kitchen Creations to Aldi Aisles

We're flipping ecstatic to share some fantastic news with you – our delectable chicken-flavoured edible Christmas cards for dogs are now adorning the shelves of every Aldi store across the United Kingdom! It's a culinary celebration that marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we can't wait for you to experience the joy we've cooked up for this festive season.

Just three years ago, from the cosy confines of our kitchen table during lockdown, we (Gemma and Matthew) embarked on a flavourful adventure that would soon become Scoff Paper. Fast forward to today, and we are beyond thrilled to announce that over 30,000 of our unique Christmas cards have found a home in Aldi stores nationwide. What a testament to how far we've come in such a short time!

The heart and soul of Scoff Paper lie in our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Our range of three distinct chicken cards – Winner Winner Christmas Dinner, All I Want For Christmas is Chew and a the simple, traditional Merry Christmas – can be found in the pet sections of all Aldi stores this Crimbo.

These cards aren’t the same as the ones we have on our website, we made them especially for Aldi, so they really are a reflection of the passion and dedication our team puts into creating unique and delicious experiences for all the doggies.

As we adorn Aldi shelves, we invite you to be part of this culinary celebration. Our chicken-flavoured Christmas cards are not just a festive greeting; they are a delightful fusion of taste and tradition, a flavourful way to connect with four legged loved ones at this time of the year.

So, whether your dog is already a top Scoffer, or if you just think it’s a great treat, head to your nearest Aldi store and grab a taste of our special Christmas magic. After all, every bite tells a story, and we're thrilled to have you share in the delicious chapters of Scoff Paper.

For more updates and to explore our edible creations, visit our website at

Merry Christmas and HAPPY SCOFFING!


gemma scoff paper in aldi stores with christmas cards

Gemma x

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