What does your Christmas card say about you?

What does your Christmas card say about you?

Christmas cards for dogs can come in many shapes and sizes, but you’ll not find any others that can actually be eaten.

Available in six tasty flavours, our Christmas cards are lovingly made to bring a little bit of happiness to your pooch’s life.

But what does your choice of card say about you?

We’ve given you a run down through our Christmas range… to help you pick the right card that sums you up nicely.

Merry Christmas

The kind of person who buys this is a stalwart of the Christmas card scene. They’re no nonsense – they know what they want and they know how to give it.

Think mother-in-laws or those ladies you call your aunties, when they’re really just your mum’s mates.


All I want for Christmas is Chew

Yes, you got the song reference.

The type of person who buys this card is a feisty individual and their dog is probably much of the same.

 If you opt for this design, you’re the kind of person who will probably sing the message on this card to your dog as they chomp it to bits.


Christmas time, mistletoe CANINE

For the more refined dog owner.

This card is for lovers of logs on the fire and gifts on the tree.

A true traditionalist who likes nothing more than to rejoice in the good that they see. 


Please don’t eat the Reindeer poop!

 If you’re seriously considering buying this card for your dog, then you know exactly what it’s like to head out on a long walk in some idyllic countryside spot – only to then rush home early and bath your dog in tomato sauce.

For some unimaginable reason, dogs love poo, and this has been the absolute bane of your life ever since you first realised.

This card is given – half out of love and half out of despair.


Feliz Navi-dog

This card is for those who love a good pun.

You’re the type of person, who will stand and point out the pun to everyone you meet over the Christmas holidays.

You’ll even make a mental note of it, and mention it each and every Christmas from now on. Until you stop getting invites, that is.


Don't worry, love will find a way...

Which ever card you present to your dog this Christmas, you’ll be sure to know that they love it.

And, between us, dogs are always up for a laugh anyway.

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