The world’s first edible greetings cards for dogs!

The world’s first edible greetings cards for dogs!

The world’s first edible greetings cards for dogs!

 A guest blog post by Puggy Smalls!

Puggy Smalls pug with Scoff Paper edible cards for dogs

Paws up if you like super silly, safe, wholesome fun with your pooch!?


If you haven’t heard of Scoff Paper yet, then get to know them! We recently discovered this wholesome family run business and quite frankly, I’m obsessed.


Scoff Paper create edible greetings cards for dogs. Yep, you read that right!


Every Christmas and birthday, I’m one of those dog mums who always get my dog a little card and prezzie, but thanks to Scoff Paper there’s no more worrying about the dog eating the cards as they are completely edible and utterly delicious to our four-legged friends.


With so many flavours including bacon, chicken, cheese, peanut butter and turkey for Christmas, plus so many designs and occasions, you will be spoilt for choice. I for one can’t wait to gift every doggo we know with a Scoff Paper card as I know how much our dogs love them and I also love to see the humans’ reactions to something so wholesome and silly.

 Instadoggo - Puggy Smalls eating Scoff Paper edible Christmas cards for dogs

I just love all the occasion cards available, whether you want to send get well wishes to a pooch you know, happy birthday, Christmas or even asking them to be your bridesmaid! There is so much choice and it fills me with joy sending out these cute little gluten and grain free snacks that bring so much joy to dogs and their owners.


My current obsession is their new Christmas range, which is hilarious and, in my opinion, the perfect way to spread some Christmas cheer! With so many slogans including “Making a list, chicken it twice”, “Winner Winner Christmas Dinner”, turkey flavoured “Merry Christmas”, and my personal fave, “Happy Pigs in Blankets Day” which tastes of bacon!


The options are endless, and the cards are a very reasonable £5 each, making it the perfect card and tasty gift in one! You can even get personalised cards created for an addition £1 for the extra special touch!


Scoff Paper cards are loved by my whole pack. Puggy, YumYum, Pomegranate and even our fussy old dachshund Pops enjoys them (especially the turkey flavour)! The cards are entirely safe and tasty for you pooch as they are created using natural ingredients including potato starch, water, olive oil, and include tasty natural flavouring. They don’t contain a single shred of evil raw hide and they are all round jolly good fun. I can guarantee the best part of our Christmas will be watching all the family doggos open their cards and gobble them up and I’m sure it will even get a giggle out the grumpiest festive visitors!


Scoff Paper cards are suitable for all doggos over 6 months old and my top tip would be to invest in the Edible Ink Pen so you can scrawl your own personal message on the back, knowing its totally safe for the doggo receiver to chomp!


 Puggy Smalls posing with Scoff Paper edible Christmas card

Over the years, we have discovered so many incredible brands for dogs, but I can honestly say Scoff Paper is one of my favourites yet as there is nothing quite like it out there. It’s a treat for pooches, but a real happy memory maker for us humans too!


For an affordable, fun and unforgettable Christmas gift, Scoff Paper is unmissable in our book. All four of our pooches will find a card stuffed in their stockings this Christmas morning and I’ll be bulk buying a deck of Scoff Paper cards to dish out to all the dogs we know and love. My only advice is to have your phones ready to record as once they start chomping through their cards, you will be giggling too much to capture the moment!


Trust us, you and your pooch will love them, and I can guarantee you’ll be back time and time again for more Scoff cards to celebrate every milestone with your fur baby.


Order yours here:


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