Scoff Paper unleashes 47000 edible cards for dogs

The day 47,000 edible greetings cards went to the dogs

Today is a big day for Scoff Paper.

Today, we have finally completed our biggest order. I have no idea how to calculate the sheer man hours this has taken.

And from getting the order to creating it… I feel like I’ve ran a marathon every day for about a year.

We’ve had early starts and late, late nights.

And honestly, from the day we got this order right until now, every single step of the way has been met with some sort of complication or other.

We’ve had to rapidly scale our business as we were making cards on our kitchen table seven months ago.  

This order is 47,068 edible greetings cards for dogs, which are destined for the shelves of a great number of shelves across UK retailers.

Seven months ago, we worked flat out to complete what we thought was a colossal order of 240 cards.

And now this!

Forty seven thousand... And sixty eight.... Edible greetings cards for dogs. 

Considering we only invented this thing about 10 months ago.... That's not bad going. 

Although we're in some kind of dreamland from the size of that order. 

What I was not prepared for was the crazy level of work that goes into doing this job. 

We've been working at full stretch for weeks and I've lost count at how many favours we've called in. 

But we've done it. 

On a personal level, I am now an absolute queen when it comes to organising pallets. And believe me, it is not easy.

So yeah, 47,068 cards manufactured by Scoff Paper.

The seventh pallet has just left our Scoffice.

Of course,  I filmed the wagon while it drove away.

But not in a sad way. 




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