National Send a Card to a Friend Day - 7th February 2021

National Send a Card to a Friend Day - 7th February 2021

National Send a Card to a Friend Day - 7th February 2021

Did you know that on the 7th February it is officially National Send a Card to a Friend Day?


Neither did we, truth be told*.

But it is! 

And, what with all the home schooling and day drinking, your human mates will be far too busy to even open a thoughtful greetings card, so why bother?!

No, no – it’s your true friends you’ve got to look out for at times like this.

By this we mean your four-legged saviour through this flippin’ pandemic.

They’ve put up with all of your tantrums over the past year – and they jolly-well deserve something pretty decent.

Unlike any other card maker, our cards are specifically made for dogs to eat – so, even if your pooch doesn’t share your witty sense of humour, they’re going to love chomping the card to bits all the same.

Anyway, we’ve managed to pull together some tips on how to tell your beloved dog just how bloody marvellous they are.


Tip 1 - Pick a fun card for your dog

If you’re the kind of person that always plays it safe with Birthday and Christmas cards, think again for this one. Now is the time for you to throw off your shackles and go a bit bonkers.

You’re sending a card to a dog, just for the sheer hell of it – it is your duty to go a bit mad with it.

With us all now realising that 2021 isn’t going to bring a change in fortunes for us all (at least not yet) it’s probably a good time to bask in the glory of lockdown and the time you spend with your best mate.

This card isn’t really for any particular occasion. It’s more to point out the obvious. We wanted to make a card that brings a little bit of fun to this terrible time… and if you look hard enough, you can probably see that the dreaded COVID does get a mention in there.

In many ways, we feel that watching your dog tear this this COVID card apart will bring you both a little bit of satisfaction. So go on pooch, shred the bugger!


Tip 2.  Send cards to as many dogs as you like

Did you know that people with more friends often live longer?

Well, they do… According to some right brain boxes at Harvard, people who have more friends tend to be happier, and therefore live longer.

So, for your own sake, you better send cards to all the dogs you know – and maybe some you don’t!

If you’re not already, now is the time for you to become that Aunty or Uncle who isn’t really related, but still buys the best presents.

For this, you’re going to need a card that cements your love in the heart of that dog forever. You’re going to have to go totes emosh.

The Oh, I love you Buddy and Oh, I love you Beautiful edible cards do exactly that.

They show that you’ve got some serious lovin’ for that pooch. The kind of love that can only exist between true friends.

You can even go as far as to team up with your own four-legged friend, and write a loving letter to another four-legged friend. Kind of like a canine ghost writer.


Tip 3. Write a personal message

You’ve got to write something personal or the whole thing is a bit lost.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spout fine poetry (unless you really want to), it’s more often better to just write something that means something to only you.

Write a funny anecdote and always, always, alllwayyys use their pet name. That’s what makes it special – that’s what makes you special.

And don’t worry if your hilarious message falls flat… the cards are flavoured so the dog is bound to love it all the same.


Tip 4. Write a poem

If you’re the kind of person who can pull rhymes out of nowhere, then go for it. Your pooch is bound to love listening to your jaunty verse while they are transfixed on their delicious looking card.

If however, you aren’t as lyrically versatile as maybe you’d like to be, have no fear, we’ve composed this little ditty for you to use.

Just fill in the blanks, and you too could be a poet, and know it.

(Dog’s name) you are a fantastic friend,
Without you (human) would go round the bend.
You’re really quite (adorable/funny/silly/crazy…) when I come to play.
|Yes, you’re one in a million, and I love you that way.


Tip 5. Make sure you send it in time

Nobody likes to receive something late – and how would you possibly live down missing the global super event that is the National Send a Card to a Friend Day?

Avoid all embarrassment by getting your card off early, and if you are not handing your card over in person, you should probably put some cryptic message on the envelope.

Maybe something along the lines of: “Very important letter… Do not open till 7th February 2021… Or else!” If nothing more, that’ll surely add to the spectacle of it all.


Don’t forget the 7th February is National Send a Card to a Friend Day

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* National Send a Card to a Friend Day does actually exist, but may well solely be an American thing that we’ve completely hijacked, just so we can send our dogs silly cards.

Feature image credit: @whiskeysgoldenadventures