Mothers Day card from the dog for dog mums

Mother's Day cards that may be the most perfect gift ever for crazy dog mums

So, they say that art imitates life right?

I wonder if whoever said that, had edible cards for dogs in mind?

I doubt it, but check this card out for a slice of how my life works.

So, I, like a lot of you out there, am a bit crazy when it comes to mothering my doggos.

And while it’s Mother’s day in just over one week’s time, I thought I’d create a Mother’s Day card for dogs to eat.

I mean, we do make cards for every occasion throughout the year, like Valentines and Christmas… So it makes sense to make a Mother’s Day card too, right?


It turns out, when you think about it, making a Mother’s Day card that dogs can eat actually makes no sense at all.

Think about it.

You buy a card for you, because you’re a happy dog mama.But the dog then eats it.

So, like, it’s your special day, where your fur kids should celebrate you… And they get a tasty treat.Your prize is just to give it to them.

Oh, and probably pay for it.

Lucky old you, eh?

Nobody ever said it pays to be a crazy dog mum. But when you see them merrily shredding and eating your pretty “I love being your Mum” card, it can be quite fun.

Happy Mother’s Day guys!


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