A very crazy month for edible cards!

A very crazy month for edible cards!


This month deserves a review.

It started with a return from Interzoo, and leads greater than I imagined.Scoff Paper launched in Clintons stores around the UK, thanks Bridgette Sturgeon for your kindness - going above & beyond to help get on those shelves.

More wonderful independents stocking our cards to add to our growing community.

New designs for the UK market and translations for European retailers.Another public speaking opportunity, way out of my comfort zone.

But weirdly enjoyed it.

Pitched and won the Innovation Challenge in Lancashire. A £15,000 cash prize which will really really help our business.

Read a book.

Raw material hikes.

Mortgage hikes.

Utility hikes.

Dont even get me started about petrol.

Pets at Home replenishment order. Yippeeee.

Sleepless nights.

Worries a plenty.

Heart scare. Burnout. Hospitalised.

Not cool.

Potential investor meetings.

Met some lovely new people in the industry.

Made new friends.

Delivered our 1st Dogfest event.

Response to our products was quite overwhelming.

Our distribution partner in Ireland continues to do wonders for our little brand. Thank you Declan O'Keeffe & team.

Meltdowns a plenty.

Matthew (my partner & the other brain behind Scoff Paper®) continues to blow my mind with his skills (and patience).

Took the plunge & onboarded a book keeper. Freed up some of my time.

Loads of support from the best accountant I could wish to have. Martyn Raftery FCCA

A really good review with Guide Dogs about Holly (the guide dog puppy I’m raising).

Plans approved to develop our manufacture facility to scale some more.

And to end the month I’m buzzing that I’ve kindly been shortlisted for Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year by Great British Entrepreneur Awards & Community

So, yeah, thanks June.

You were scary, fun, emotional, eye opening and you taught me some important lessons.

And if you are still reading this. Thank you. You are kind.

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