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Fetching Fame: Unveiling the most popular Dog Names for 2023!

Calling all dog lovers and trend-watchers! It's time to roll out the red carpet and reveal the most popular dog names and their breeds for 2023, presented to you by our favourite doggy edible greeting card makers, Scoff Paper!

So if you're thinking of making a new addition to your fam, check out our list of the most popular dog names of the year! 

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Male Dog Names:


Max (Labrador Retriever):

Max, the reigning king of dog names, continues to hold the crown for the ever-popular Labrador Retriever. From bounding after tennis balls to splashing through lakes, Max is the name for a loyal and adventurous companion.


Charlie (Golden Retriever):

Charlie, the social butterfly of dog names, is a perfect match for the charismatic Golden Retriever. With their friendly and approachable nature, Charlie and Golden Retrievers are a match made in doggy heaven.


Rocky (Bulldog/Boxer):

Rocky, the tough and resilient moniker, finds its home with the beloved Bulldog breed. Known for their muscular physique and unwavering loyalty, Rocky Bulldogs are as strong as they come.


Cooper (German Shepherd):

 Cooper, the name that exudes reliability and strength, fits seamlessly with the majestic German Shepherd breed. These intelligent and protective companions are the perfect match for their Cooper namesake.


Duke (Rottweiler):

Duke, the name that oozes authority and regality, pairs perfectly with the confident and powerful Rottweiler breed. Distinguished and commanding, Duke Rottweilers are true nobility.


Milo (French Bulldog):

Milo, the playful and mischievous name, is most popular among the charismatic French Bulldog breed. These adorable clowns with their bat-like ears bring joy and laughter to their Milo namesakes.


Bear (Bernese Mountain Dog):

Bear, the name that invokes images of cuddliness and strength, finds its home with the gentle giants of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. These loyal companions are the epitome of warmth and affection.


Zeus (Great Dane):

Zeus, the name fit for a god, perfectly suits the towering and majestic Great Dane breed. With their noble presence and powerful stature, Zeus Great Danes command attention wherever they go.


Buddy (Labradoodle):

Buddy, the ultimate pal among dog names, is most popular with the friendly and intelligent Labradoodle breed. These delightful furry friends bring companionship and joy to their Buddy namesakes.


Oliver (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel):

Oliver, the trendy and charismatic name, has become a hit with the elegant and affectionate Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. These royal darlings capture hearts with their Oliver charm and endearing nature.


Female Dog Names:

Bella (Poodle):

Bella, the name that epitomizes beauty and grace, is most popular among the elegant and intelligent Poodle breed. These sophisticated canines are the perfect match for their Bella namesakes.


Luna (Husky):

Luna, the name inspired by the moon, finds its home with the spirited and adventurous Husky breed. With their striking eyes and howling spirit, Luna Huskies light up the night.


Daisy (Labrador Retriever):

Daisy, the name that exudes freshness and cheer, is a delightful choice for the lovable and playful Labrador Retriever breed. These joyful and energetic companions are a Daisy in full bloom.


Lucy (Beagle):

Lucy, the timeless and friendly name, is most popular among the sociable and lovable Beagle breed. Known for their wagging tails and curious noses, Lucy Beagles brighten up any room.


Sadie (Golden Retriever):

Sadie, the name that carries a sense of sweetness and soulfulness, pairs perfectly with the loyal and affectionate Golden Retriever breed. These gentle souls bring warmth and love to their Sadie namesakes.


Ruby (Dalmatian):

Ruby, the name inspired by a precious gem, shines brightest among the unique and eye-catching Dalmatian breed. With their spots and energetic nature, Ruby Dalmatians capture hearts everywhere they go.


Molly (Cocker Spaniel):

Molly, the name that exudes charm and grace, is a popular choice for the elegant and gentle Cocker Spaniel breed. These endearing companions bring joy and companionship to their Molly namesakes.


Coco (Chihuahua):

Coco, the chic and stylish name, is a favorite among the small and sassy Chihuahua breed. With their larger-than-life personalities and fashionable presence, Coco Chihuahuas steal the show.


Rosie (Shih Tzu):

Rosie, the name that signifies sweetness and love, is most popular with the adorable and affectionate Shih Tzu breed. These gentle and loyal companions are true Rosie darlings.


Lily (Maltese):

Lily, the delicate and graceful name, finds its home with the regal and elegant Maltese breed. These white beauties captivate with their Lily-like charm and ethereal presence.


There you have it, dog lovers and name enthusiasts—the most popular dog names for 2023! From Max to Bella, Charlie to Luna, these names are wagging their way into the hearts of pet parents worldwide. Whether you have a Labrador Retriever named Max or a Poodle named Bella, remember that the perfect name celebrates your dog's unique qualities and complements their breed's characteristics.

So, go ahead and choose a name that will make your furry friend the talk of the dog park!

Happy naming, and may your adventures with your canine companions be filled with laughter, love, and endless tail wags!

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