Crufts and Easter - Manic March!

Crufts and Easter - Manic March!

Hi Scoffers,

Can you believe we’re nearly halfway through March already?

I don’t know if you saw it, but I was loving myself a bit of Crufts at the weekend.

We had a trip down there last Thursday and it’s always a real fun day out for us.

We had a stand there in 2022 and it was a crazy few that we loved being part of.

If you’ve not been before, I’d deffo recommend going. I think it’d actually be pretty fun even for those (strange) people who (weirdly) don’t even like dogs.

One part of it that I really love is the Discover Dogs section. If you don’t know, that’s a section where breeders of all different types of dog get to come down and set up a stand to tell the visitors all about what it’s like to raise their breed of dog.

Last time I went I fell in love with a gigantic Mastiff called Bear and I thought it was just brilliant that his humans had to follow him with a towel just to catch all his drool!

There are so many lovely people who exhibit and visit Crufts that I think you only really get to find that out by visiting in person.

As for the competitions themselves, they’re so interesting to watch.

Being a volunteer guide dog puppy raiser – people always imagine that I can just click my fingers and the doggies just do as I say… It really is nothing like that, I promise you.

But watching how amazing some of the doggies are always has me completely mesmerised.

 The ability of these doggies just baffles me – like in the Flyball – I mean, how is that even possible?!

Either way, I have huge respect for the dedication of the trainers and the breeders within the Kennel Club – I think it’s just wonderful that we have all this in the UK and that Crufts happens every year.

It’s such a great thing for dog lovers to experience.

Easter is here… Already!

But as I said, we’re nearly halfway through March already and we’ve not even talked about Easter… Which, not wanting to startle you, is in March this year!

Sunday 31st to be eggs-act (Sorry, that won’t be the last Easter pun you hear from me).

So, this year we've got a you Crack me Up chicken card. get it? Crack me up, like an egg… And it’s chicken flavour… Like chicken and eggs… And… Well, yeah, you get it.

But, if that doesn’t egg-cite you enough, how’s about a bacon flavoured Happy F-Easter card?

This one is deffo for the four-legged-practical-yolker of the family and unlike an egg, it can’t be beaten!

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Alongside these new cards – we’ve added a few classics to the Easter collection that still are in keeping with a bit of easter gluttony, like our Greedy Guts and Eat Eat Eat Repeat cards.

So go check them out and please bear in mind to order soon as there are usually lots of postal delays around Easter holidays and we all want your doggies to get their cards in time.

Happy Easter!



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