A Scoffice is born - This edible cards for dogs lark is getting out of hand

A Scoffice is born - This edible cards for dogs lark is getting out of hand

Well, it’s been a very tricky time recently as we’ve been upgrading our edible dog card making facility and it seems to have taken aaages.

It’s a lot like living in a house and renovating it at the same time.

We basically work long, long hours in what has mostly been some kind of workable building site.

During the rapid growth of Scoff Paper, we’ve literally gone from our kitchen table, where we made the first ever edible cards for dogs…. To a full blown super factory, which has been custom designed and built to make absolutely tons of edible cards for dogs.

Scoff Paper Scoffice racking going in
Our grand renovation has taken around 4 months and now we’ve got this mega facility where we can really make things happen.

Over the last few months, we’ve been making our cards in a little area that we kitted out and closed off from the outside building work.

Now, we’ve got loads of room and it feels amazing.

But rather than go on about the tiny details, I’ll let the numbers do the talking.

All I can say is, these are probably conservative estimates.. But they really have brought us some mega happiness in our brand new SCOFFICE!

Guide dog Morris helping at the Scoffice - Scoff Paper

2 doggy assistants  

48 - litres of orange paint

14 stainless steel tables

126 meters of racking

4 massive pieces of snazzy new machinery

3 new team members (and 8 friendly volunteers) 

4 insanely powerful ventilations systems

8 different colours of paint used

1 million capacity to make edible cards!

New Scoff Paper manufacture facility for edible cards for dogs

Countless early starts

Even more late finishes

One brand spanking new mega Scoffice

And one very happy Gemma!

Gemma of Scoff Paper playing with Morris the guide dog


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