Edible Valentine’s Cards your dog is going to lurrrve

Edible Valentine’s Cards your dog is going to lurrrve

Here at Scoff Paper, we’re always looking for some soppy, sentimental reason to send our dogs a card. 

And Valentine’s Day is actually a legit reason!

It’s true that you don’t need Valentine’s Day to tell your dog you love them – you already tell them that every (second of the) day as it is.

 So, we’ve decided to get totes emosh for this year’s Valentine’s collection so you too can show your pooch just how much you bloody love ‘em.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Edible Valentine's Day card for dogs

For the more refined dog lover, this delicate design was expertly stuffed with as much love as any one card can handle.


If you look very closely, we’ve hidden a ridiculous amount of hearts in the design, just so you can cuddle up with your pooch and count the ways you love them. You’ve just got to be a fast counter, as the card will be gone in an instant.

With this card you can choose any flavour you like. Just make sure you get your pouches favourite, or they'll never let you live it down. 


Poetry in motion

 Dog Valentine's Poem

This poem demonstrates the lengths you love will go to on a daily basis.


Sometimes more than once a day.


Actually, about four times a day.


Every day.


Bar none.


Either way, it’s a great way of showing your pooch that you will and (frequently) do, do anything for love.


Oh yes, you would do anything for love.


And you would do that.


It’s not easy being cheesy


If you haven’t already guessed, we absolutely love a cheesy one liner.


And if we’re being really honest, Valentine’s Day is all about cheesy sentimentality – and we just love that.


So, we asked our boffins to come up with the cheesiest card ever in the history of man (or dog).


After much careful thought and research, thousands of hours of deliberation and meticulous planning… they gave up and went with this idea.

 Cheesy Valentine's card for dogs - cheese flavoured


You can’t argue – this must be the cheesiest valentine’s card you have ever seen.


It’s cheese flavoured for pity’s sake!


So, nice one boffins.


Whichever you choose, you just know that an edible Valentine’s card is going to win your dog’s heart.


But as the inventors of edible cards for dogs, we kind of would say that, wouldn’t we?


Happy Valentine’s Day – click here and spoil your dog rotten.